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Sara Hyde,

Andrew Hardman,

Richard James Manchester,

Afzal Rahman,

Danielle Egonu-Obanye,

Peter Watson,

Tom Belger,

Sean Henry,

Ivan Vince,

Joseph Brown,

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will cass,

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Sophie Bryce,

Kelvin Blake,

Ian Silvera,

Daniel John Bradley,

Sam Michael Langley,

Catherine Laura Ward,

Catherine Harris,

Waseem Zaffar,

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Cllr. Zaffar Van Kalwala,

Kevin Barry,

Barbara Keeley MP,

Mary Lockhart,

Darrell Goodliffe,
Great idea - exactly what the Labour Party needs.

David Boothroyd,
We can't defend the interests of a broad and diverse country with a narrow and restricted group of candidates.

Annajoy David,

joseph mccauley,

[Name hidden],

Aaron Kiely,

Andrew Jenkins,

Mel Haslam,

Tom Miller,

Andrew Harding,
There can be no doubt MPs, to some extent, have lost the confidence of the electorate. Labour should lead the way in trying to infiltrate Westminster with candidates more broadly representative of the UK - it is the proper and right thing to do. The inequality in access to opportunities that this represents are absolutely resonate of the stalling social mobility. It is quite right that Labour should tackle this issue head on through the Labour Diversity Fund, and I am pleased that this concept has Labour roots.

Mat Morrisroe,
Because I believe that Britain's diversity is its strength and I believe Labour should be a representation of that

Rowan Draper,

Steven M Webb,

[Name hidden],

Catherine Hall,

Toni Flatley,

Danny Adilypour,

Matthew S. Dent,

Rob Dyson,

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